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Lazer Tag Fundraiser

Schedule a fundraiser at Fun and Games and we will donate 100% of all Lazer Tag revenue to your school, organization or charity.

Fundraiser Information

Fun and Games is a great place for your next fundraising event. What sets a Fun and Games fundraiser apart from others? Simple… there is no cost to your school/organization, and you walk away with 100% of all laser tag proceeds from the event.

How it works:

Fun and Games will donate the use of our facility and laser tag arena for your next fundraising event. On the date of your fundraiser, laser tag will be available to those supporting your cause at a cost of $4 per person/game. Fun and Games staff will orchestrate laser tag games for the duration of your fundraiser.

Potential for profit:

With the ability for over 80 people to play laser tag per hour, your fundraiser has the potential to bring in over $320/hour based on laser tag sales alone! However, laser tag is not the only way you can make money while hosting your fundraiser at Fun and Games. Successful fundraisers include the sale of pizza, drinks, baked goods, and even raffle items to increase revenue.

How to schedule/organize your next fundraiser:

1. Pick a date – Fundraisers available any open Monday-Thursday (excluding holidays).

2. Make your reservation – You can reserve your fundraiser by calling Fun and Games (508-879-5707), or by emailing us at gamesandgolf@gmail.com

3. Create a gimmick – Making your event unique can give you that extra push to meet your fundraising goals. Successful examples include: Students vs. Teachers and Students vs. Local Police officers.

4. Plan – Plan the sale of extras such as pizza and baked goods to maximize your profit!

5. Promote – Every successful fundraiser is preceded by spreading the word. Getting teachers and other faculty members involved is a great way to promote your fundraiser. In order to spread the word even more, Fun and Games will provide promotional posters for your event.

6. Profit – By following these simple steps your fundraiser is sure to be a success!